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Here you can find my growing collection of book reviews. I read across all genres: from historical fiction to biography to science fiction to essays and poetry. I hope you’ll find them useful as you search for your next bedside companion, or if you just want a different take on a book you know.

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The Once and Future King

This book was ROUGH to get through…until it wasn’t. I don’t know how much this is deserved, but, as someone who had never read it, I always considered this book to be THE seminal fantasy novel (along with Lord of the Rings if you happened to remind me it came out first). This is interesting …

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Waking Up

The best part of this book is Folgers in your cup. What? It could not be avoided. Philosophy books are a trap for me. I am more inclined to lean completely into the ideas the author presents, paying no mind to the book’s structure or his writing style. I bring this up not in an …

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